Ease Fix Case Study

What is Easefix ?

EaseFix is a reliable marketplace based in UK connecting individuals and businesses with skilled professionals to streamline task outsourcing. Whether you’re seeking assistance or offering your expertise, EaseFix facilitates seamless hiring and earning opportunities through our website or mobile app.

With EaseFix, accessing a diverse pool of talented individuals for your tasks is straightforward. The platform operates through three simple steps: post your task, select the most suitable candidate by reviewing ratings, and await the completion of your task with ease.

Did You Know ?

A significant percentage of individuals and businesses struggle to find qualified professionals for their tasks, leading to a loss of time and resources.

Inefficient task outsourcing processes contribute to project delays and hinder overall productivity for both clients and service providers

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Amazing Features Of Easefix

  •  Tradesman/Property Owner registration
  • Search skilled people using filter
  • Bids on job posted
  • Map directions
  • Payment integration
  • Feedback on service
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